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Children creating art in the studioAges 69
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Explore a variety of materials and subject matter while discovering new techniques and styles from around the world.



Class Schedule

Artful Artifacts [CD2]

Sat, Oct 17, 1 – 4 pm | Art Education Center
Dan Kaczka
Ages 6 – 9 | Imagine living in Egypt 5,000 years ago and the items you would’ve used in everyday life. Apply basic sculpting methods to replicate objects used by the ancient Egyptians.
$25 (VMFA members $22)

Portraits of Pets [CD3]

Sat, Nov 21, 1 – 4 pm | Art Education Center
Kendra Wadsworth
Ages 6 – 9 | Paint your furry friends from a picture or your imagination. Learn about color mixing, brush strokes, and textures.  
$25 (VMFA members $22)

Hands-On Graphics [CD4]

Sat, Dec 5, 1 – 4 pm | Art Education Center
Stephanie O'Dell
Ages 6 – 9 |  Learn what graphic design is and how it relates to our day-to-day lives. Use a variety of graphics and design elements to create a poster that reflects you or your interests.
$25 (VMFA members $22)