ca. 1925
Decorative Arts
Furniture and Furnishings
ebony, mother-of-pearl, abalone, silver, lacquer
Overall: 61 7/8 × 35 3/8 × 15 3/4 in. (157.16 × 89.85 × 40.01 cm)
In 1919 Louis Süe and the painter-decorator André Mare formed the Compagnie des Arts Français, known as Süe et Mare. With talented artists and designers on staff they were highly successful during this period and became well known for creating beautiful interiors. In 1924 Louis Süe designed a house for the celebrated French stage actress Jane Renouardt, and Süe et Mare decorated and furnished the house with sumptuous works of art, including this cabinet in ebony and mother-of-pearl. Its form was directly inspired by Parisian furniture made during the mid 18th century in the Rococo style.
Paper label (back): Chenue Emballeur, 5 Rue de la Terrasse Paris
Gift of the Sydney and Frances Lewis Foundation
"The 1920s: Age of the Metropolis," Museum of Fine Arts, Montreal, 1991
See Curatorial file for information on Jane Renouard
Image released via Creative Commons CC-BY-NC

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