Virtual Synchronous Teacher Workshops Across the State

Supervisors and Special Groups of 10 or more may book these virtual, synchronous workshops! They are designed to be an hour in length, but can be adapted to meet the needs of the group.

Contact Twyla Kitts at for further information.

Explore Virginia! Land, Rivers, and a Great Big Swamp!

What can maps, paintings, and embroidered wall hangings tell us about the history and geography of Virginia? What do these primary and secondary sources reveal about our relationship with the land, rivers, and other waterways of Virginia? In this workshop, we’ll examine the difference between how Europeans viewed land usage, ownership, and borders and how Native Americans understood their relationship with the land and rivers of Virginia. These conflicting narratives can be found in the images, words—and beaded QR codes explored in this interactive session.

Around the World with Art and Children’s Lit

Look, Write, Read, and Envision! This workshop will match works of art with children’s picture books and chapter books. For example, link Take a Picture of Me, James VanDerZee! by Andrea J. Loney with the VanDerZee photographs in the VMFA collection—and a lesson concept that culminates with a selfie challenge. Participants will also experiment with works of art as prompts for creative and expository writing—with connections to poetry by Langston Hughes, Nikki Giovanni, and other favorites.

Pictures, Words, Music, and the African American Experience

In this exploration of images, words, and music, we’ll investigate paintings, artifacts, and photographs created by African Americans between the Civil-War era and the present time. How are these works of art connected with protest music? In this workshop, we’ll examine the roles played by painters, photographers, poets, singers, and protestors in the complicated history of the struggle for equal rights.

Can Artists Change the World?

Explore artists who invite us to think about social justice, reframed narratives, and environmental concerns. In this interactive discussion, we’ll examine works of art by artists who question prevailing narratives and call for societal change. Works considered will include sculpture, photography, prints, and installations by African American artists, women artists from South Africa and Native American cultures, and a variety of other creators.