Visual Pull of the Canvas: Three Layers of Glass to Create a Painting

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This course will introduce everyone to glass making with a twist, a contemporary approach to a material and new way of thinking about the tradition of “painting” and “glass art.” Through the use of a cutter and grinder, glass will be transformed into different shapes and high- temperature enamel will be used as a painting material to transform the glass into a canvas of overlapping imagery.

All students will work with three layers of glass, each layer representing different techniques to create a visual sense of depth. Each layer can represent a foreground, middle ground, and a background, or more abstractly speaking, a visual tunnel into the final layer of glass. The glass will be enhanced through image transfers, etching, engraving, enamels, and adhesives. At the end of the session, students will have an opportunity to engrave their signatures with a diamond-tipped tool. With all the techniques and equipment available to students, they will have an original work that pushes the boundaries of glassworking and painting by the end of the session.

Great for everyone, this class gives students an opportunity to work with glass as a canvas as well as a material that can be pushed to change shape and be worked more sculpturally.

For this class, please come with at least ONE simple 6” x 6” LINE drawing that you find inspiring and with which you’d like to work.