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What do more than half a million Virginians have in common? These Virginians all had a VMFA art experience in their own communities — many of them miles from Richmond. The VMFA Art and Education Division provides educational exhibitions and programs to museums, arts centers, libraries, galleries, schools, colleges and universities, and retirement facilities throughout the Commonwealth.

Taubman Museum of Art

Speaker Bureau: It’s Your Art – Local

The VMFA offers four levels of partnerships for everyone across the state. Learn more about which partnership is right for you.

Level 1 PartnershipLevel 2 PartnershipLevel 3 PartnershipLevel 4 Partnership

Docents and members of the Council of VMFA take the museum into the community by presenting a very visual introduction to its history, services and facilities. Speakers interpret images from the permanent collection and preview coming exhibitions. Service clubs, church fellowships, women’s clubs and senior citizen groups will find that this FREE program at your location provides an excellent enrichment program and prepares the audience to visit VMFA, a world-class museum that belongs to all Virginians. Request a VMFA Program or Resource

Statewide Programs and Resources


Educational Resources

Free online art education resources for educators, students, and families. Includes resources for your visit to the museum, in the classroom, hands-on activities and more.

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Educator Programs

In every area across the state, VMFA offers both teacher workshops at a variety of grade levels and Art on the Spot Statewide, elementary level classroom adventures.

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Visual & Performing Arts

VMFA visual and performing arts programs are designed to stimulate greater community involvement in art education and to provide opportunities for individuals to work closely with noted professional artists.

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Speakers On The Arts

VMFA Speakers on the Arts lectures are an excellent complement to programming for VMFA Statewide Partners to introduce new areas of art and to enhance community events and celebrations.

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VMFA Fellowship Statewide Exhibitions Program

The Virginia Museum of Fine Art’s Level 3 Statewide Partners have the unique opportunity to host exhibitions featuring recent recipients of a VMFA Visual Arts Fellowship. These exhibitions showcase and promote the talent of Virginia’s most gifted professional artists and art students.

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