Summer Camps for Ages 10–12

Kids work with clay in a studio class.Five-day camps run Jul 4 – Aug 24
Mon – Fri, 9 am – noon or 1 – 4 pm
Meet in the MWV Art Education Center
$130 per camp (VMFA members $115)

Experience adventures in art, culture, and creativity in VMFA’s studios and galleries! Art camps are carefully tailored to your child’s specific age group and taught by professional artists and educators. Each camp provides access to quality supplies and a world-renowned art collection, inspiring young artists to create, learn, grow, imagine, and have fun!

Download Programs Info and Emergency Form.

Note: Upon registration, VMFA will send a confirmation to the email address you use in your registration. Please review the information carefully as it provides further details about the program and the student emergency form, which should be submitted on the first day of camp. It is important that caregivers understand all rules, policies, and procedures including drop-off and pick-up procedures, food regulations, studio conduct, and VMFA’s cancellation policy.

Connect-a-Camp: For students enrolled in both morning and afternoon youth camps, this program provides supervised activities such as drawing in the galleries and playing games as well as supervision during lunch. Students are required to bring bagged lunches from home. Click here for availability.

Class Schedule

[C15] Painting with Style

Mon–Fri, Jul 25–29, 9 am–noon | Art Education Center
Cindy Shelton-Eide
Ages 10–12 | Study artistic styles of famous painters such as Vincent van Gogh and Georgia O’Keeffe. Use a range of mediums and techniques to create stylized still lifes, picturesque landscapes, and abstract images.
$130 (VMFA members $115)

[C18] Sculpture & Design

Mon–Fri, Jul 25–29, 1–4 pm| Art Education Center
Dan Kaczka
Ages 10–12 | Fascinated by sculpture, building, or simply using your imagination? Learn about three-dimensional objects and the fundamental principles of sculpting. You’ll be amazed by your own creations!
$130 (VMFA members $115)

[C20] How to Draw Manga

Mon–Fri, Aug 1–5, 9 am–noon| Art Education Center
Anh Do
Ages 10–12 | Discover the history and visual language of manga! Through art talks, tutorials, and drawing exercises, learn the specific techniques that define this popular Japanese comic art.
$130 (VMFA members $115)

[C23] Hands-On Design

Mon–Fri, Aug 1–5, 1–4 pm | Art Education Center
Stephanie O'Dell
Ages 10–12 | Explore the world of design . . . unplugged! Using a hands-on process—along with a blend of familiar art materials and new design thinking—create logos and posters that communicate your personality.
$130 (VMFA members $115)

[C25] Studio Art Challenge

Mon–Fri, Aug 8–12, 9 am–noon | Art Education Center
Lindsay Durrette
Ages 10–12 | The challenge: Choose one work of art each day to re-create using a different medium, including drawing, painting, felting, printing, and sculpture. Discover both how the medium influences your interpretation of the art and the obstacles and rewards of creating!
$130 (VMFA members $115)

[C28] Stepping Outside the Box

Mon–Fri, Aug 8–12, 1–4 pm | Art Education Center
J. Parker
Ages 10–12 | Go beyond your artistic limits and experiment with nontraditional applications of drawing and painting. Focus on abstract works, self-expression, and the creative process. This camp is extra messy; students are encouraged to wear old clothes!
$130 (VMFA members $115)

[C30] Fundamentals in Photography

Mon–Fri, Aug 15–19, 9 am–noon | Art Education Center
Stephanie O'Dell
Ages 10–12 | Learn the basics of digital photography—from camera settings to photo editing—and develop a series of photographs that reflects an original concept. Students are encouraged (but not required) to bring their own flashdrive and DSLR camera with user manual.
$130 (VMFA members $115)

[C33] Books beyond Words

Mon–Fri, Aug 15–19, 1–4 pm | Art Education Center
Lindsay Durrette
Ages 10–12 | Stitch, bind, and design your way from traditional bookmaking to experimental “books of art.” Each day offers new concepts and artistic challenges that strengthen creativity and talent.
$130 (VMFA members $115)

[C37] Architecture Re-Imagined

Mon–Fri, Aug 22–26, 1–4 pm | Art Education Center
Cheryl Dillard
Ages 10–12 | Learn about architectural marvels throughout history while building scale models with Styrofoam and reusable plastics. Students will also be challenged to design their own unique structure using these materials.
$130 (VMFA members $115)