Summer Camps for Ages 5 – 6

A group of children sits in front of a work of art in the gallery.Five-day camps run Jul 6 – Aug 28
Mon – Fri, 9 am – noon or 1 – 4 pm
Meet in the MWV Art Education Center
$130 per camp (VMFA members $115)

Experience adventures in art, culture, and creativity in VMFA’s studios and galleries! Art camps are carefully tailored to your child’s specific age group and taught by professional artists and educators. Each camp provides access to quality supplies and a world-renowned art collection, inspiring young artists to create, learn, grow, imagine, and have fun!

Download Programs Info and Emergency Form.

Note: Upon registration, VMFA will send a confirmation to the email address you use in your registration. Please review the information carefully as it provides further details about the program and the student emergency form, which should be submitted on the first day of camp. It is important that caregivers understand all rules, policies, and procedures including drop-off and pick-up procedures, food regulations, studio conduct, and VMFA’s cancellation policy.

Connect-a-Camp: For students enrolled in both morning and afternoon youth camps, this program provides supervised activities such as drawing in the galleries and playing games as well as supervision during lunch. Students are required to bring bagged lunches from home. Click here for availability.

Class Schedule

I Love Textiles! [C21]

Mon – Fri, Aug 3 – 7, 9 am – noon | MWV Art Education Center
Mary Swezey
Ages 5 –  6 | Did you know that textiles are considered art? After discovering the beautiful textile art in VMFA’s galleries, explore the basics of “fabricating” your own art, including weaving, silk painting, stamping, and stenciling, back in the studio.
$130 (VMFA members $115)

Beginning Drawing [C22]

Mon – Fri, Aug 3 – 7, 1 – 4 pm| MWV Art Education Center
Lori Valente Coffey
Ages 5 –  6 | Learn to use lines, shapes, and textures to illustrate objects from observation and imagination, building confidence, creativity, and skill in the process.
$130 (VMFA members $115)

Sensory Studio [C29]

Mon – Fri, Aug 10 – 14, 1 – 4 pm | MWV Art Education Center
Dan Sheets

Ages 5 –  6 | Experience multisensory art activities using a sight, sound, smell, and touch. Paint to music, play your own instrument, and match scents to colors and colors to moods.
$130 (VMFA members $115)

Picture This... [C31]

Mon – Fri, Aug 17 – 21, 9 am – noon | MWV Art Education Center
Mary Swezey
Ages 5 –  6 | While exploring a new story and artistic style each day, gather inspiration from talented authors and illustrators like Eric Carle and Dr. Seuss. make colorful collages, creative characters, and much more.
$130 (VMFA members $115)

Land of Imagination [C32]

Mon – Fri, Aug 17 – 21, 1 – 4 pm | MWV Art Education Center
Dan Kaczka
Ages 5 –  6 | Inspired by art movements, cultures, and natural environments, this mixed-media camp encourages creativity and self-expression through making masks, air-dry clay pots, and whimsical creatures.
$130 (VMFA members $115)

Things that Go... [C36]

Mon – Fri, Aug 24 – 28, 9 – noon | MWV Art Education Center
Mary Swezey
Ages 5 –  6 | Vroom, vroom! After looking at trains, planes, and bicycles in the galleries, construct your own moveable art using wire, cardboard boxes, paint, clay, and beads.
$130 (VMFA members $115)