Summer Camps for Ages 7 – 9

A girl draws during a studio class.Five-day camps run Jul 6 – Aug 28
Mon – Fri, 9 am – noon or 1 – 4 pm
Meet in the MWV Art Education Center
$130 per camp (VMFA members $115)

Experience adventures in art, culture, and creativity in VMFA’s studios and galleries! Art camps are carefully tailored to your child’s specific age group and taught by professional artists and educators. Each camp provides access to quality supplies and a world-renowned art collection, inspiring young artists to create, learn, grow, imagine, and have fun!

Download Programs Info and Emergency Form.

Note: Upon registration, VMFA will send a confirmation to the email address you use in your registration. Please review the information carefully as it provides further details about the program and the student emergency form, which should be submitted on the first day of camp. It is important that caregivers understand all rules, policies, and procedures including drop-off and pick-up procedures, food regulations, studio conduct, and VMFA’s cancellation policy.

Connect-a-Camp: For students enrolled in both morning and afternoon youth camps, this program provides supervised activities such as drawing in the galleries and playing games as well as supervision during lunch. Students are required to bring bagged lunches from home. Click here for availability.

Class Schedule

Crafty Cultures [C1]

Mon – Fri, Jul 6 – 10, 9 am – noon | MWV Art Education Center
Angele Fernandez
Ages 7 – 9 | Be inspired by the ingenuity of cultures from around the world and create works similar to coil baskets from early America, instruments from Africa, and other fine craft objects throughout the museum. 
$130 (VMFA members $115)

Principles of Painting [C4]

Mon – Fri, Jul 6 – 10, 1 – 4 pm | MWV Art Education Center
Anna Showers-Cruser
Ages 7 –  9 | From still life to abstract painting, try out a range of techniques, mediums, and brushes to achieve different effects in finished works.
$130 (VMFA members $115)

Architecture & Design [C5]

Mon – Fri, Jul 13 – 17, 9 am – noon | MWV Art Education Center
Christine Mingus
Ages 7 –  9 | Explore architectural design and engineering with emphasis on dome construction. Inspired by past and present structures, work on dome creations—both in collaboration with classmates and on your own—using a variety of interesting materials.
$130 (VMFA members $115)

Drawing Studio [C8]

Mon – Fri, Jul 13 – 17, 1 – 4 pm| MWV Art Education Center
Cheryl Dillard
Ages 7 –  9| Develop personal style, boost artistic confidence, and improve skills in drawing. Learn more about composition, lighting, and perspective, and experiment with a variety of tools and papers. 
$130 (VMFA members $115)

Ancient Art Studio [C14]

Mon – Fri, Jul 20 – 24, 1 – 4 pm | MWV Art Education Center
Dan Kaczka
Ages 7 –  9 | Experience the wonders of the ancient world. Inspired by Olympic sports, royal emperors, and the everyday life of early civilizations, make clay vessels, royal attire, and more.
$130 (VMFA members $115)

Passport to Art [C16]

Mon – Fri, Jul 27 – 31, 9 am – noon | MWV Art Education Center
Anna Showers-Cruser
Ages 7 –  9 | Take a trip through a different gallery each day, celebrating works from Asia to the Americas. Improve your artistic skills through culturally inspired decorative and functional arts.
$130 (VMFA members $115)

Art without Limits [C19]

Mon – Fri, Jul 27 – 31, 1 – 4 pm | MWV Art Education Center
J. Parker
Ages 7 –  9 | Experiment with nontraditional processes in drawing, painting, and mixed media. Activities include gesture drawings, abstract renderings, and altering books to make creative works of art. This camp is messy; students are encouraged to wear old clothes! 
$130 (VMFA members $115)

Plaster Masters [C24]

Mon – Fri, Aug 3 – 7, 1 – 4 pm| MWV Art Education Center
Andrew Woodward
Ages 7 – 9 | Transform your artistic ideas into unique sculptures and designs. With planning and preparation, build objects using recycled material and plaster. Finish them with colorful paints and patterns.
$130 (VMFA members $115)

The Art of Native Americans [C26]

Mon – Fri, Aug 10 – 14, 9 am – noon | MWV Art Education Center
Mary Swezey
Ages 7 –  9 | Through hands-on art activities and gallery explorations, learn about the first peoples of America—their traditions, cultures, and their regard for the natural world.
$130 (VMFA members $115)

Drawing in the Galleries [C27]

Mon – Fri, Aug 10 – 14, 1 – 4 pm | MWV Art Education Center
VMFA Staff

Ages 7 –  9 | Discover lines, shapes, and textures found in works by  master artists throughout the museum. With helpful tips and techniques, draw from observation as you create your own artworks.
$130 (VMFA members $115)

Cartoons and Characters [C34]

Mon – Fri, Aug 17 – 21, 1 – 4 pm | MWV Art Education Center
Saxton Moore
Ages 7 –  9 | Learn fundamental drawing and animation techniques from an award-winning illustrator. Develop your own entertaining characters, as well as your creativity and originality.
$130 (VMFA members $115)

Brickworkz Art [C35]

Mon – Fri, Aug 24 – 28, 9 – noon | MWV Art Education Center
Brian Korte
Ages 7 –  9 | Working with friends, construct a two-dimensional mosaic mural out of LEGO tiles, layers of opaque and translucent blocks in a monochromatic color palette, and some cool math formulas. Also make your own mini-mosaic to take home!
$130 (VMFA members $115)

Painting Pets & Portraits [C38]

Mon – Fri, Aug 24 – 28, 1 – 4 pm| MWV Art Education Center
Kendra Wadsworth
Ages 7 –  9 | See how famous artists depict their furry friends! Try your hand at painting portraits of animals and people, focusing on proportion, composition, and paint applications.
$130 (VMFA members $115)