M.LiT Application Information and Submission




Final Deadline: Sep 14, 2016
All applicants will be notified of decision by Oct 6, 2016

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Submission Guidelines

In addition to your application form, please submit one of the following:


If you choose to submit a portfolio, you do not need to submit a writing sample or teacher recommendation. A portfolio consists of three works in the following media:

1. Graphic Design
2. Drawing/ Illustration/Painting
3. 3-D Rendering
4. Time Based media

Applicants may submit their work digitally by uploading it to the appropriate boxes below. Individual files should be in JPEG (.jpg) format with file sizes not exceeding 1 MB each. Time-based work should be submitted below as a web link to Youtube, Vimeo or Soundcloud. Original and printed works of art will not be accepted.

Writing Sample

If you choose to submit a writing sample you do not need to submit a portfolio or teacher recommendation. Your writing sample should be in response to the following prompt. Keep the helpful writing tips below in mind:

• Carefully read and follow all directions.
• Do not exceed the maximum word-count.
• Be straightforward and confident
• Proofread your work

Prompt: Submit an archive proposal (500–1,000 words)

1. Title:
2. What is the theme or topic of your archive? (Materials by one artist may be a topic.)
3. What are the objectives of your archive? What kind of media will you use to develop this archive and how will people view that archive?
4. How will you construct the archive from scratch? Do you plan to use interactive or participatory elements?

Teacher Recommendations

If you choose to submit a teacher recommendation, you do not need to submit a portfolio or writing sample. Choose a teacher who is able to provide details about you that include:

• Performance as a student
• Aptitude and industriousness
• Maturity and seriousness of purpose
• Level of commitment and ability to follow through
• Leadership abilities and/or experience
• Character

Copy and share this link to your teacher for online submission of teacher recommendations: https://vmfa.formstack.com/forms/teacher_recommendation_form

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For information about the program, visit M.LiT: Museum Leaders in Training or contact:

Dr. Vaughn Garland
Assistant Educator