M.LiT: Policies and Guidelines


Students accepted into this program must attend a program orientation, 12 workshops (Oct – Jan), and the presentation day. There are additional requirements to complete the program and to graduate with a VMFA M.LiT (Museum Leaders in Training) Certificate, these requirements are outlined below:

The student must:

  • Have an e-mail account and check it frequently
  • Be able to use Microsoft Word, e-mail, Dropbox, Facebook, Google Drive and have basic internet research skills
  • Attend all scheduled workshops and programs from October through January (orientation is mandatory)
  • Notify Program Coordinator, 24 hours in advance of an absence
  • Have transportation to and from the M.LiT sessions (If you are concerned about transportation, contact the Program Coordinator)
  • Be punctual and participate fully in each session
  • Practice appropriate behavior for the museum and classroom setting that is respectful to instructors, peers, VMFA trainings, and program objectives
  • Attend 36 hours of M.LiT training
  • Complete research and work for the program outside of class time
  • Complete 20 hours of Summer Assistantships at VMFA
  • Turn in required homework assignments by the assigned deadline
  • Learn to talk about the VMFA collection with your peers
  • Turn in all M.LiT assignments to designated instructor and Program Coordinators
  • Allow your peers and museum staff to evaluate your progress
  • Be receptive to constructive criticism and demonstrate willingness to change as needed

Student Conduct


Especially for Students


In the requirements, you will notice that you are expected to spend time outside of the VMFA training sessions completing research and assignments. This means that you will occasionally have some homework. We understand that school work is your first priority; therefore, most of your assignments will be completed during class time. Assignments are to be turned in by e-mail attachment or uploaded to Google Drive the day before your scheduled session unless otherwise noted on the workshop session agenda.

Writing Assignments:

    • a title/header describing the assignment
    • your first and last name followed by the date and assignment number on the top left corner of the page
    • Times New Roman or Garamond font, size 12, double-spaced
    • one-inch margins
    • complete sentences
    • correct spelling and grammar
    • cited sources using The Chicago Manual Style (see provided resources)

Save your document with the using the following assignment submission format: MLiTFall17_LastNameFirstInitial_Assignment# (ex. MLiTFall17_DaltonA_Assignment1)
Digital Assignments:

  • Images should be saved in JPEG or PNG file format
  • Individual images should not exceed 5 MB
  • Resize your images using your personal software such as Paint and Adobe Photoshop or use such online image resizing services as http://picresize.com/

Save images using the following submission format: MLiTFall17_LastNameFirstInitial_Assignment#_Image# (ex. MLiTFall17_DaltonA_Assignment1_1)

Service Learning: While participating in the program, you each have the opportunity to earn up to 70+ hours of community service. This includes your training hours, summer assistantship, and research hours. We categorize all these aspects of the program as service because they are essential to your role as contributors and as advisory council members. Contact the Teen Program Coordinator if you need a letter certifying your service.