Saturdays in the Studio

Teens working together in the computer labSelect Saturdays, 1 – 4 pm

Each of these innovative workshops focuses on a unique art movement, culture, and medium associated with the VMFA collection. Teenagers will benefit from using a variety of professional tools and materials, while learning new techniques.


Class Schedule

Art of Manga [TS5]

Sat, Jan 31, 1 – 4 pm | Art Education Center
Anh Do
Join us to learn what Manga is and what makes it different from American comics. In this introductory session, participate in exercises to create Manga-style drawings.
$25 (VMFA members $22)

The Photoshop Crash Course [TS6]

Sat, Feb 7, 1 – 4 pm | Art Education Center
Stephanie O'Dell
Gain experience with the essential tools and functions of Adobe Photoshop Pro. Through instruction and introductory activities, learn to use filters, manipulate images, and more.
$25 (VMFA members $22)

The Adobe Illustrator Crash Course [TS7]

Sat, Feb 21, 1 – 4 pm | Art Education Center
Stephanie O'Dell
Experiment with design tools and functions in Adobe Illustrator Pro. With the instructor’s guidance, practice creating vector images for designing logos, cartoons, etc.
$25 (VMFA members $22)

Shrinky Selfies [TS8]

Sat, Mar 7, 1 – 4 pm | Art Education Center
Tiffany Glass Ferriera
Using portraits in the galleries and even selfies from your cell phone, illustrate faces and figures onto shrinkable plastic. Turn your completed works into wearable art, accessories, or even home décor!
$25 (VMFA members $22)

Urban Art [TS9]

Sat, Apr 11, 1 – 4 pm | Art Education Center
Dan Kaczka
While they may not be formally trained, many urban artists have managed to make it in the art world. After learning the dos & don’ts of street art, spray paint your own designs on a large-scale surface.
$25 (VMFA members $22)

Animation in a Day [TS10]

Sat, May 2, 1 – 4 pm | Art Education Center
Anh Do
Ready, set ...ACTION! Watch your ideas and sketches come to life as you draw, assemble, and compose an original stop-motion animation.
$25 (VMFA members $22)

Intro to Botanical Illustration [TS11]

Sat, May 16, 1 – 4 pm | Art Education Center
Celeste Johnston
Led by a certified botanical artist, discover how the masters used botanicals in their own work. Learn fundamental techniques for this formal style of art to illustrate plants and flowers of your own.
$25 (VMFA members $22)