Statewide Information

Statewide students are those students living 30 miles or more from the Richmond area.

Students living 45 miles or less in distance from following art centers [Virginia Museum of Contemporary Art; Virginia Beach, VA; or McLean Project for the Arts] are eligible to apply for VMFA’s Teen Stylin’ Satellite Program.

Statewide Program Guidelines

1. Teachers, counselors, principals, or community center leaders must compose a written statement (maximum of 250 words), explaining why the student is a good candidate for this program. Up to two nominees per secondary school or community center may be selected. This statement should be written on school letterhead and mailed to Jessica Bauserman, Youth and Family Program Coordinator, 200 N. Boulevard, Richmond, Virginia, 23220 or emailed to Jessica Bauserman. The student is responsible for completing the online Statewide Nomination Application Form.

2. Students may also nominate themselves by completing the Satellite Program Nomination Form and the Self-Nomination section of the form which includes a written statement, describing their interest in art and fashion design, previous experience (none is required), and a description of a garment they would make from start (design) to finish (construction) if provided with only the following materials: cardboard, duct tape, hot glue, and white copy paper. The objective of the statement is to describe in as much detail how designers can transform ordinary materials.

3. All applicants must be familiar with and have access to word processing software, email, a digital camera (cell phone cameras are fine), drawing materials, and creative clothing construction materials. Creative clothing is defined by the alternative use of construction methods (e.g. weaving, Velcro, staples, hot glue, tape) and the creative use of materials (e.g. recycled cans, toothpicks, soy sauce packets, grandma’s curtains).

3. Students will be notified of acceptance via email or phone by Mon, Sep 8, 2014. Early acceptance notifications: Sun, Jun 15, 2014. The submission deadline has now past.

4. Participation in a onsite weekend Orientation, a draft and final rendering of your design, Materials Request Form, Stylin Designer Plan, an Exhibition Content Worksheet, Music as Atmosphere Worksheet, along with photos documenting your progress, are required. Forms may be downloaded in either Word or PDF format. See the schedule and form section below for details.

5. Attendance during the Orientation is mandatory. During orientation each student is expected to accept the challenge of creating a wearable work of art using an artwork from the Virginia Museum of Fine Art’s permanent collection. VMFA has a list of predefined objects from which participants may choose to work from.

6. Statewide students are expected to provide the majority of their own materials. However, students may submit a materials request form and arrange a pick up date with the VMFA Program Coordinator.


Please carefully review the schedule below before applying.

Orientation and Inspiration Workshop

Sat, Sep 20, 2014, 11 am – 2 pm (onsite; mandatory)
Location: Virginia Museum of Fine Arts

Rendering Draft, Stylin’ Designer Plan and Materials Request Form

Sat, Sep 20, 2014
Due at the conclusion of the Orientation

Final Fashion Rendering, Exhibition Content Form, and Garment Construction Image Documentation

Sat, Oct 18, 2014 (electronic/mail; mandatory)

1. Exhibition Content Forms should be emailed as Word or PDF attachments to Final renderings are to be illustrated on 9×18” mulberry paper in the style of Chinese brush painting (note: paper and paints will be provided for students to take home on Orientation).

2. Renderings should be mailed or delivered rolled or flat and unfolded to: Virginia Museum of Fine Arts, Attn: Jessica Bauserman, 200 N. Boulevard, Richmond, VA 23220.

3. Shoot at least three images showing multiple views of your work plus one detail image. Download and complete the Garment Construction Image Documentation Form (see below). Files should be in .jpg format and not exceed 1 MB per file. Email it to Jessica Bauserman.

Forbidden City Exhibition Tour

Sat, Oct 18, 2013, 10 am – 1 pm (onsite; optional)
Location: Virginia Museum of Fine Arts

Music as Atmosphere Worksheet

Sat, Nov 1, 2014 (electronic; mandatory)

This is your opportunity to select music or a soundtrack specific to your garment. Email the completed worksheet to Jessica Bauserman. If you fail to do so a piece of music will be selected for you.

Garment Construction Image Documentation 2

Sat, Nov 8 (electronic; mandatory)

Shoot at least three images showing multiple views of your work plus one detail image. Files should be in .jpg format and not exceed 1 MB per file. Email it to Jessica Bauserman.

Statewide Dress Rehearsal

Sat, Nov 22, 10 am – 12:00 pm (onsite; mandatory)

Location: Virginia Museum of Fine Arts

Garments are subject to disqualification if they are not fully functional and family appropriate. All applicants must provide or serve as their own model. Students whose garments are deemed runway-ready will participate in the dress rehearsal.

Forbidden City Runway Exhibition

Sat, Nov 22, 2014, 2 – 4 pm (onsite; mandatory)
Location: Virginia Museum of Fine Arts

Meeting all mail/electronic deadlines and attending onsite programs is mandatory. Excused absences may be considered on a case-by-case basis and are generally for illness, family emergencies, or academic testing. All absences should be communicated as far in advance as possible to the program coordinator. Students will be required to confirm their schedule and availability prior to acceptance into the program.


Materials Request Form (download as Word or PDF)
Stylin’ Designer Plan (download as Word or PDF)
Exhibition Content Worksheet (download as Word or PDF)
Music as Atmosphere Worksheet (download as Word or PDF)
Garment Construction Image Documentation Form (download as Word or PDF)

Teen Stylin’ is generously supported in part by Diane Cox Basheer and B. William Basheer.