Cost: Free; no tickets required

2018 ChinaFest: Year of the Earth Dog

Sat, Feb 10, 10 am–4:30 pm


Celebrate the Lunar New Year and ChinaFest: Year of the Earth Dog!

Create an Earth Dog lantern and make your own watercolor lotus card. Enjoy demonstrations and colorful performances, including the Lion Dance, to welcome the Chinese New Year!

Parking: Overflow parking is available in First Baptist Church’s parking lot, located at the corner of Robinson Street and Park Avenue. No parking passes or vouchers required; parking is released on a first come first serve basis.

All times and locations are subject to change

Performances and Presentations

Yu Dance Arts

Theater, Level L
11:05–11:25 am & 1:20–1:40 pm

Atrium, Level 1
3–3:10 pm

Yu Dance Arts is a Richmond-based, youth dance group that focuses on creating and producing intercultural dances that combine Chinese traditional dances with modern Western aesthetics. This year, their fusion dance style will present an innovative look at Chinese dances.

Ryse Lion Dance Troupe at VCU 

Theater, Level L
10:45–11 am & 1–1:15 pm

The Ryse Lion Dance Troupe at VCU is a traditional Lion Dancing Organization established in spring 2014 that practices the Fut San style of Lion Dance which originated in ancient Southern China. The Ryse Lion Dance Troupe has performed for various events such as the Richmond Ballet, weddings, and festivals.

The Pride: Lion Dance at UVA 

Atrium, Level 1
noon–12:10 pm & 2–2:10 pm

The Pride: Lion Dance at UVA incorporates both traditional southern Chinese and contemporary styles. Watch as UVA performers collaborate inside a lion costume to mimic the movements and characteristics of the animal to the sounds of vigorous drumming.


Moy Yat Ving Tsun Kung Fu

Atrium, Level 1
11:30 am–noon & 1:30–2 pm

Watch and practice graceful warrior moves with Moy Yat Ving Tsun Kung Fu. This art was made popular by Grand Master Yip Man in the 1950’s and is best known by his student, movie legend, Bruce Lee!

Photo: Jon-Phillip Sheridan © Virginia Museum of Fine Arts

Artist Demonstrations

Tai Chi and Kite Coloring with George Mason University Confucius Institute

Marble Hall, Level 2

Tai Chi Demonstrations and Interactives:
11–11:25 am, noon–12:25 pm, & 1–1:25 pm

Kite Coloring:
10 am–3:30 pm

Join instructors from George Mason University Confucius Institute as they facilitate Tai Chi demonstrations and short interactive lessons. Also, take a moment to create your own decorative paper kite!

Calligraphy with William and Mary Confucius Institute 

Conference Room 1, Level L
noon–4:30 pm

Join the College of William and Mary Confucius Institute as they practice the beautiful art of writing Chinese characters. Chinese calligraphy, the most revered fine art in China, is closely connected to Chinese culture, aesthetics, philosophy, and history. Staff members of WMCI have been trained extensively to perform Chinese calligraphy to promote the appreciation and understanding of this exquisite art.

Photo: Jon-Phillip Sheridan © Virginia Museum of Fine Arts

Language Interactive: Singalong 

Marble Hall, Level 2
2:30–2:50 pm & 3:30–3:50 pm

Learn Chinese words and participate in sing-along songs led by students from University of Richmond.

Photo: Bridget Ganske © Virginia Museum of Fine Arts

Art Activities | Ongoing

Make your own Watercolor Lotus Card

Art Education Center, Studio 2

Make a paper card featuring the symbolic lotus flower lying on a watercolor pond.

Golden Tiger Paper Ornament

Art Education Center, Studio 1

Draw and paint a golden tiger like the one found in our ancient Chinese art collection.

Fitting with Tiger Design, 4th-3rd century BC, Chinese, nephrite. Adolph d. and Wilkins C. Williams Fund, 59.21.7

Paper Warrior and Horse Project

Marble Hall, Level 2

Use a paper template to create a warrior on horseback, inspired by VMFA’s special exhibition, Terracotta Army: Legacy of the First Emperor of China. Create decorative and ornate armor to adorn your warrior and horse.

Photo: Aimee Koch Grindon © Virginia Museum of Fine Arts

Zodiac Tangram

Marble Hall, Level 2

Decorate and construct one of the 12 zodiac signs using tangram pieces. Take your tangram puzzle home to create other designs!

Photo: Jon-Phillip Sheridan © Virginia Museum of Fine Arts

Create an Earth Dog Lantern with SCRAP RVA

Marble Hall, Level 2

Work with local creative reuse center, SCRAP RVA, to create a paper lantern that incorporates a paper “Earth Dog” figure.

Community Activities | Ongoing

ChinaFest 2017 community project

Year of the Earth Dog Puppet Community Project

Atrium, Level 1

Assist local Artist, Lily Lamberta, along with All the Saints Theater Company, in creating a large-scale Earth Dog puppet!

Play and Construct!

Marble Hall, Level 2

Use oversized tangram shapes to create patterns and designs or experiment with Chinese Instruments. Use blocks to construct Chinese architectural monuments.

Chinese Film Showing

Early Childhood Classroom
Art Education Center, Level 1

Enjoy family friendly Chinese films as you relax in our Early Childhood Classroom!

Photo: Jay Paul © Virginia Museum of Fine Arts

Peony Tissue Paper Flower Garland

Atrium Landing, Level 2

Create a peony tissue paper flower to add to our collaborative flower garland and learn about Chinese flower symbolism. Watch as our garland decorates the museum landing.

Pagoda Playhouse and New Year Wishes

Atrium, Level 1

Interact with VMFA’s Pagoda Playhouse and write a wish on our paper lanterns and paper bats, which symbolize happiness and joy.

stART Space Gallery Hunt

stART Space, Art Education Center, Level 1

Pick up a gallery map at stART Space and explore our East Asian gallery and Teaching Gallery to find the Bactrian Camel. Collect a sticker when complete!

Bactrian Camel, 7th century, Unknown artist, earthenware with white glaze. Adolph D. and Wilkins C. Williams Fund, 51.12.2

Community Voting Project & Prize Table

Atrium, Level 1

Stop by to vote for your favorite activity during today’s Family Day and receive a fun take-home prize.

VMFA’s Best Café

Atrium, Level 1

Pick up a tasty treat or try VMFA’s Chinese inspired cuisines.

Photo: David Stover © Virginia Museum of Fine Arts

Visit the VMFA East Asian Art Galleries!

Level 2

Explore our East Asian art galleries and find inspiration for your ChinaFest Art Activities!
century BC, Chinese, bronze with silver overlay. Arthur and Margaret Glasgow Fund, 67.9.2

Mirror with TLV Design, 2nd century BC, Chinese, bronze with silver overlay. Arthur and Margaret Glasgow Fund, 67.9.2

SAY CHEESE! Photographers and videographers are on duty at museum events to capture images for VMFA’s archives and publications. If you prefer not to have video or pictures taken of yourself or your family members, please notify the staff at the Welcome Table as soon as possible. You will be provided with a red sticker indicating that you and your family should not be photographed or recorded.

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