Cohen Film Collection LLC

Cohen Film Collection LLC

Cost: $8 ($5 VMFA Members)

Man Ray & Friends Film Night: Significant Logic Goes Without Saying

with an introduction by Dr. Michael Taylor, Chief Curator and Deputy Director for Art and Education, VMFA

Fri, Jan 14, 2022 | 6:30—9 pm


A slate of five experimental films inspired by the Dada or Surrealist modes. Three made by Man Ray himself and two by Marcel Duchamp and Jean Cocteau, fellow noted artists who sat for portraits. These moving image productions complement and enhance the exhibition of Man Ray’s still photographs.

By Man Ray:
Retour à la raison (1923, 3 min)
L’Etoile de mer (1928; 17 min)
Les Mystères du Château de Dé (1929, 27 min)

By Marcel Duchamp:
Anémic cinéma (1926; 6 min)

By Jean Cocteau:
Le Sang d’un Poète (1932; 55 min)