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The 23rd James River Film Festival

Thu, Apr 7, 6:30–9 pm

Leslie Cheek Theater

Hosting the Very Best of Rural Route

The Rural Route Film Festival showcases international film shorts that take the road less traveled. This event will highlight some of the best entries from 2010–15.


When Elephants Dance, the Grass Gets Beaten (2014; 25 min)
Documentary | Jan van den Berg | Cambodia
A traditional wedding takes place amidst injustice in an agricultural community.


The Last Ice Merchant (2012; 14 min)
Documentary | Sandy Patch | Ecuador
Baltazar harvests glacial ice from Ecuador’s tallest mountain.


Home Turf (2011; 14 min)
Documentary | Ross Whitaker | Ireland
Old friends practice the ancient art of cutting turf by hand in the Irish bogs.


We’re Leaving (2011; 13 min)
Narrative | Zachary Treitz | Louisville, KY
Rusty has to find a new place to live with his wife and pet alligator.


The Bees (2010; 13 min)
Documentary | Rana Ayoub | Lebanon
A beekeeper’s life secrets are revealed through the story of the bees.


Marcel, King of Tervuren (2012; 6 min)
Animation | Tom Schroeder | Belgium
Marcel survives the bird flu, sleeping pills, and an assault from his son, Max.


The Hunter (2012; 6 min)
Sand Animation | Marieka Walsh | Australia
A hunter journeys to find a missing boy in the wilderness.


Anima Mundi (2010; 4 min)
Experimental | Kate Balsley | Milwaukee, WI
Thousands of individual images of flowers celebrate the “spirit of the world”.


Salt (1968/2011; 3 min)
Experimental/Documentary | Robert Gardner | Ethiopia
The legendary ethnographic filmmaker follows the salt trade.


Travel Log: Antarctica (2015; 2 min)
Experimental/Documentary | Alan Webber | Antarctica
The 2008–9 RRFF Nomad Tour makes it to the 7th continent aboard a German cruise ship.

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