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Cost: $8 (VMFA members $5)

VMFA Book Club: Van Gogh’s Ghost Paintings

with author Cliff Edwards

Thu, Feb 25, 5:30–7 pm

Pauley Center Parlor

Did you know that Van Gogh destroyed some of his own paintings? What does this decision say about the artist and his religious views? And how did a Japanese zen master factor in? In this session of VMFA Book Club, we will be joined by author Cliff Edwards, Professor of Philosophy and Religious Studies at VCU, to explore the motivations behind Van Gogh’s destruction of his own depictions of the Garden of Gethsemane.

VMFA Book Club: Using books about artists or works of art currently on view at VMFA to pique curiosity and open discussions, VMFA Book Club explores these specific works of art as well as the setting and period surrounding them. Note: Reading the book is helpful but not required. The VMFA Shop stocks a limited supply of each book.