Patagonia & Chilean Fjords

Oct 22–Nov 2, 2025

From sweeping pampas grasslands to magnificent glacier‑studded fjords and the legendary Tierra del Fuego archipelago, experience the extremes and contrasts of Patagonia, with its breathtaking scenery and incredible wildlife. Go ashore at majestic Cape Horn to stand at the “edge of the world” overlooking the legendary Drake Passage; traverse the low‑lying tundra for unmatched panoramic views. Among hidden islands and narrow channels, experience some of the world’s best viewing of subantarctic woodlands and marine wildlife — Andean condors, humpback whales, Peale’s dolphins, and rare Chilean dolphins. Cruise aboard the expedition ship Ventus Australis, specifically designed to navigate these beautiful waterways. During your journey, an onboard team of expert naturalists will enrich your expedition with their in‑depth knowledge of the region’s history, natural wonders and wildlife. Extend your adventure with the Easter Island Pre-Tour Extension Option and/or the Buenos Aires and Iguazú Falls Post‑Tour Extension Option.

11-day cruise from $7,095 plus air, depending on choice of cabin

For more information, or to register for this trip, please contact Gohagan & Company at 800-922-3088.