Summer Art Acquisitions

June 2013

The following artworks were approved by the VMFA Board of Trustees in June 2013. VMFA is a state agency and a public/private partnership. All works of art are purchased with private funds from dedicated endowments. After VMFA’s board approves proposed acquisitions on a quarterly basis, the art becomes the property of the Commonwealth of Virginia to protect, preserve, and interpret.

•    Head of a Herm, Augustan (late 1st c. BCE—early 1st century CE), marble, 19¾” (w/o base); 26¾” (w/base). Arthur and Margaret Glasgow Endowment.
    Attributed to Jean-Henri Riesener (German and French ébéniste, 1734–1806), Bureau Plat, ca. 1780s, mottled mahogany, ormolu, leather, 30½ x 70½ x 37½”. Arthur and Margaret Glasgow Endowment and Voorhees Deaccessioning Fund.
•    17 Frederick MacMonnies (American, 1863 –1937), Young Chevalier, ca. 1898, oil on canvas, 75⅛ x 50⅝”. J. Harwood and Louise B. Cochrane Fund for American Art.

Additional Purchases
     Sammy Baloji (Congolese, born 1978), Untitled 21, 2006, from the suite Mémoire, archival digital photograph on satin matte paper, sheet 26⅞ x 68⅛”; image 24. x 65⅛”, Number 9 from an edition of 10 plus 1 A/P. Kathleen Boone Samuels Memorial Fund.

    John Constable (English, 1776-1837), A Horse and Cart (made in preparation for VMFA’s Branch Hill Pond, Hampstead Heath); with a study for The Gleaners, Brighton on verso, c.1824-25, Double-sided drawing, pencil on paper prepared with bistre (recto only), 5¾ x 9”. Aldine S. Hartman Endowment Fund.

European Decorative Arts
•    Sèvres Manufactory (French, active 1756–present), Decorated by Louis-Jean Thévenet, le Père (active 1741-1777), Ewer and Basin, 1764 (dated with the mark for that year), Soft-paste porcelain with polychrome enamel decoration and gilding. Ewer: 7½ x 4¾ x 6” (including handle). Basin: 3¼ x 12 x 9⅜”. John F. Alexander Fund and gift of the estate of Ailsa Mellon Bruce, by exchange.
•    Georges de Feure (French, 1868-1943), Project for a Tapestry (“The Fairy Caprice”), 1895-96, oil on canvas, 45½ x 37½”. The Sydney and Frances Lewis Endowment Fund.
•    Two Art Deco Fans Designed for House of Paquin (Paris, 1891-1956), 1911
–    Paul Iribe (French, 1883-1935), Fan L’Orientale, silk, pochoir (stenciled) image,    metal-foil paper, galalite (synthetic plastic), ebony, gilded brass, with original box, 9 x 9 x ½”. John and Maria Shugars Fund.
–   George Barbier (French, 1882-1932), Fan, parchment, pochoir (stenciled) image, galalite (synthetic plastic), paint, metal-foil gold paper, silk, metal, 9-13/16 x 13 x ¾”. John and Maria Shugars Fund.

Modern and Contemporary
•    Beuford Smith (American, born 1941), Woman in Doorway, Harlem, 1965, gelatin silver print, 7½ x 9-9/16”. NEA Fund for American Art.
•    Anthony Barboza (American, born 1944):
–    Grace Jones, ca. 1970, gelatin silver print, 13⅝ x 10⅝”. NEA Fund for American Art.
–    NYC (Man on Street), ca. 1970, 8 11/16 x 12⅞”. NEA Fund for American Art.
•   Leroy Henderson (American, born 1936), First Anti-Vietnam War Rally, 1967, gelatin silver print, 8-13/16 x 13½”. NEA Fund for American Art.
•   Chester Higgins, Jr. (American, born 1946), The Artist’s Great-Aunt Shugg Lampley, New Brockton, Alabama, 1968, gelatin silver print, 9¾ x 6⅝”. NEA Fund for American Art.
•   Chuck Stewart (American, born 1927), James Brown, 1966, gelatin silver print, 10½ x 9” NEA Fund for American Art.
•   Earlie Hudnall, Jr. (American, born 1946), Flipping Boy, 1983, gelatin silver print. Kathleen Boone Samuels Memorial Fund.
•   Matthew Brandt (American, born 1982), Gray’s Lake, ID 2, 2012 from Lakes and Reservoirs series, C-print soaked in Gray’s Lake water (unique work), ca. 72 x 105”. Pamela K. and William A. Royall Jr. Fund for 21st-Century Art.

South Asian
Indian, Rajasthan, Mewar, Udaipur, Folio From a ‘Six Seasons’ Series: Sajjan Singh Holds Court under Moonlight, ca. 1876, opaque watercolor, gold, silver on paper, 12⅞ x 10¾ in (folio); 9½ x 7½” (painting). Adolph D. and Wilkins C. Williams Fund.

•   Lucy Hill Everett (American, 1768-1824), Oliver Everett Mourning Sampler, ca. 1802, silk on linen with gouache or white-lead paint, 19⅛ x 16⅛” (sight); 26 x 22” (framed). Gift of Norah Hardin Lind and Thomas Lind.
•   [Gustave] Henry Mosler (American, 1841-1920), Self-Portrait, 1905, graphite on paper, 7-1/16 x 6-1/16”. Gift of John T. Rowe, Jr.

Modern and Contemporary
•   Carl van Vechten (American, 1880-1964), three silver gelatin photographs: Portrait of Prentiss Taylor, 1932, 6-15/16 x 5-5/16”; Portrait of Prentiss Taylor, 1933, 8⅞ x 6⅞”; Portrait of Prentiss Taylor, 1948, 9⅞ x 6-15/16”. Gift of John A. Ziegler.
•   Tom Wesselmann (American, 1931-2004), Barn behind Beechwoods, 1990, enamel on aluminum, 38 x 98”. Gift of Claire Wesselmann.