Coal Miners, 1925, George Luks (American, 1867–1933), gouache on paper. The James W. and Frances Gibson McGlothlin Collection, L2015.13.39

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Teacher Workshop: The Ash Can School: Beauty, Grit, and a New American View

Tue, May 11, 4:30–7 pm

Conference Room 1 & Galleries

“The Eight” were a group of 20th-century artists dedicated to creating art that provided an unflinchingly honest, and sometimes ugly, view of urban reality. Also known as members of the Ash Can school, these painters, illustrators, and printmakers turned to the margins of society for their inspiration: immigrants, the working-class, and urban poverty. In this workshop, teachers will explore the McGlothlin Collection at VMFA as it relates to American history, make comparisons between artworks of different styles, and create something new inspired by the grit of today!

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