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Cost: $30 (VMFA members $27)

Teacher Workshop: VMFA’s Grounds and Virginia History: 1630–2016

Sat, May 6, 10 am–3 pm

Pauley Center Parlor & Galleries

When VMFA’s doors opened for the first time in 1936, the building’s site and surrounding area already had a fascinating history. Many reminders of earlier eras can be seen in and around the sculpture garden today. This workshop provides opportunities to look back through time at the changes that have taken place on these grounds, including the construction of Robinson House (ca. 1850), the 1885 establishment of R.E. Lee Camp, No. 7 (Confederate Soldier’s Home), and the Confederate Memorial Chapel (dedicated in 1887). Activities will include a walking tour, discussions of change over time, and the application of critical thinking skills to primary sources.

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