A Picasso-inspired musical performance

Kids in atrium hi res

The Cochrane Atrium is the setting for this free concert

The Richmond Symphony is offering a free concert in April 14 at 7 p.m. in the Cochrane atrium. The program celebrates the wealth of creative activity that marked Paris in the early 20th century. Using the Picasso exhibition as the beginning of a colorful journey, the Symphony will perform music by composers whose works were commissioned by Sergei Diaghilev and his Ballet Russes, which took Paris between 1909 and 1929. Picasso provided set and costume designs for numerous Ballet Russe productions, including two of the pieces on the program, Stravinsky’s Pulcinella and Satie’s Mercure. Ravel and Milhaud were actually commissioned for other pieces, but their works performed on this program are from the same period and styles. Prior to moving to the United States and becoming Vernon Duke, perhaps best known for his popular song “April in Paris,” Vladimir Dukelsky also provided music for the Ballet Russes.
With the musicans stages on the landing with the Large Leaping Hare, the experience will be a wonderfully informal, colorful and exciting evening to be able to hear the Richmond Symphony perform in the beautifully contemporary Cochrane Atrium.

The evening’s program:
Stravinsky Pulcinella Suite (excerpts)
Ravel Pavane
Satie Les Aventures de Mercure (excerpts)
Vernon Duke April in Paris
Milhaud Le beouf sur le toit

– Suzanne Hall