Let Us Now Praise Public Servants

Governor Ralph Northam has proclaimed this week Virginia Public Service Week, a time to recognize and honor state employees for their service to the Commonwealth. Public Service Recognition Week, also commemorated on a national level this week, celebrates federal, county, and local government employees as well.

From medical professionals and first responders to community leaders, law enforcement officers, and educators, the roles of public service employees vary, and their contributions are especially evident now during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Art, too, has played a significant role during this time of disruption and isolation. Current physical-distancing measures have underscored art’s power to heal and connect. People have been turning to the arts as a creative outlet and source for joy, inspiration, hope, and consolation, at a time when things may seem bleak and unfamiliar and loved ones are far away.

At the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts, every day our dedicated staff, who are employees of the Commonwealth, demonstrate their commitment to VMFA’s mission to enrich the lives of all. By managing and protecting the museum’s collections, campus, and resources, and by continuing to plan exhibitions, educational programs, events, and outreach, employees ensure the arts remain relevant and accessible. And, even during the COVID-19 pandemic, they work to prepare for the day when the museum will reopen and once again provide the community with firsthand, engaging, and memorable experiences that only the arts make possible.

Second only to the permanent collection, the museum’s knowledgeable and talented employees are its greatest asset, and their passionate service to the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts is invaluable and deeply appreciated.