There’s no place like VMFA!

I’m excited for Hollywood Costume not just as an intern at VMFA, but as a Fashion Merchandising student at VCU. Since I’ll never get to wear the original Ruby Slippers from Wizard of Oz, I decided to make an inexpensive pair of my own that you can also make at home. After all, Halloween is this week! 

Pair of heels or flats
Hot glue gun
Hot glue sticks
(Note:If you’re uncomfortable with using hot glue, E-6000 adhesive is a good.)
Piece of felt, red
Bottle of glitter glue, pink or red
Bottle of glitter, red
Pair of scissors
Rhinestones, size varying
Sequins trim, 40-50 yards

The cheapest place for the sequins trim is definitely Etsy. I was able to find a spool of 80 yards for a little over $12, with shipping, whereas the fabric store charges $2-3 per yard. 

I started gluing the trim every half inch from the back seam of the shoe going to the front, wrapping around the side, and ending again at the seam. I repeated this process until the shoe was covered. I covered the heel the same way. For the bow, I cut out a good sized bow out of the felt then covered it in glitter glue and glitter. I applied some glue to the center of the bow and attached the rhinestones. Then I glued the bow onto the shoe. 

This was a time consuming project, but definitely worth it because I now have my very own pair of Ruby Slippers!

-Vera Magdeeva, Communications Intern