VMFA Outside

Enjoy the new outdoor seating at VMFA!

Enjoy the new outdoor seating on the Marguerite and Norwood Davis Terrace

The VMFA transformation continues. Taking full advantage of the spectacular summer weather, we invite visitors to enjoy the initial phase of VMFA Outside.

We’ve learned from our advisors at the Project for Public Spaces that people want movable tables and chairs to enable them to find the perfect patch of sun or shade, and to create gathering spaces to fit their needs. In response to that desire, we’ve placed lightweight—and colorful seating—along with tables and umbrellas in two locations in the E. Claiborne and Lora Robins Sculpture Garden, including the Norwood and Marguerite Davis Terrace in front  of the Pauley Center. These dynamic spaces will change throughout the day from places for meetings, study, or mediation to a social hub for enjoying the vitality of VMFA After Dark.

 If you want to have lunch or enjoy an evening picnic in the Garden, you can bring your own food or beverages but must purchase any alcohol from Best Café. All food and beverages must be in disposable or non-breakable containers (no glass or plates).

This is an initial phase of VMFA’s vision to transform the museum grounds into active, vital, and well-managed public spaces to complement VMFA’s strategic plan.