Serving VMFA Since 1955

The Council of VMFA is a group of dedicated museum members who give their time and talent in support of the museum. This diverse organization of volunteers works on behalf of VMFA to enhance community outreach and participation. Volunteer opportunities range from interacting with visitors to supporting educational programs and helping care for the galleries. Council members learn about the collections, make new friends, and share their love for art, all while helping to support and improve a cultural institution that enriches the lives of all Virginians.

Since 1955, The Council has led the way on projects such as opening the VMFA Shop, establishing the tour guide program, organizing museum travel, and providing seed money for the VMFA library.

The exhibition Fine Arts & Flowers is The Council’s signature biennial project made possible by hundreds of Council volunteers. They plan its events and the exhibition itself, which showcases approximately 80 works of art from the VMFA collection and floral designs by members of the Garden Club of Virginia, Virginia Federation of Garden Clubs, Ikebana of Richmond, and Garden Clubs of Virginia.

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VMFA membership is a prerequisite for joining this support group.
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Council Opportunities

  • Orientation and training
  • Three lecture-luncheons, each comprising guide-led tours, a brief Council meeting, a lecture by a distinguished guest speaker on an art-related topic, and an optional luncheon
  • Invitations to themed tours of the VMFA collections, facilities, and grounds
  • Tours of artistic sites in the Richmond area
  • Day trips to visit museums throughout Virginia
  • Art-related special events such as tours of private collections
  • Volunteer-opportunity fairs
  • The Council newsletter
  • The Council members directory
  • Council Book Club that meets quarterly with discussions and guided tours
  • Opportunities to enjoy events and develop friendships with others who share your passion for art


Volunteer Opportunities

There are many opportunities within the museum for Council members to volunteer their time and talents. The Council works with VMFA to identify needs and develop volunteer opportunities. Different opportunities may be available when you join The Council.

Membership Requirements

VMFA membership is a prerequisite for joining this support group. Learn more about VMFA Membership benefits and join today.

The Council is a volunteer organization and, as a requirement of Council membership, members are expected to contribute a certain number of hours on a regular basis. The approximate amount of time required for each activity is usually 15–20 hours a quarter; however, this number may vary depending on the opportunity you select. Volunteer opportunities and required hours will be explained more thoroughly when you complete New Member Orientation.

Council Membership dues are $50 per year; however, dues are prorated during the first year for new members.

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