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Diversity and Inclusivity in Hiring

Diverse and inclusive hiring practices are at the heart of what we do at the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts. As an extension of the museum’s mission to enrich the lives of all, VMFA’s Human Resources division is passionately committed to opening the museum’s doors to people from all backgrounds, including all races, ethnicities, genders, and abilities.

VMFA’s hiring practices shape the organization’s culture and directly reflect the museum’s brand as a welcoming world-class cultural destination and dynamic urban center where inspiration, contemplation, community, and wonder are possible for everyone. The museum’s authenticity, grounded in matching who we are with what we do, fosters a positive, vibrant, and flourishing workplace.

As an agency of the Commonwealth of Virginia, VMFA abides by recruitment policies and processes established by the state. However, its recruitment searches are intentional, innovative, flexible and adaptable, reaching the widest pool of potential candidates. By hosting and participating in job fairs, for example, VMFA proactively casts a wide net to seek an array of job seekers, including veterans and people with disabilities. 

VMFA has great jobs and our doors are open. Join our team!

Kimberly Wilson
Chief Operating Officer and CHRO/Deputy Director for
Human Resource Services, Museum Operations and Volunteers


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