Relax. Explore. Play.

Welcome to VMFA’s new Interactive Family Lounge where children and adults are invited to rest, reflect, play, and explore colorful hands-on activities. Here you can also experience A Closer Look, an interactive display inspired by a past installation of the same name.

A Closer Look explores identity and works of art in the VMFA collection. Your identity is how you think of yourself, either on your own or as part of a group. For thousands of years, artists have created works of art that represent their own identity or the identity of others, whether through an idea, place, culture, or community. With your identity in mind, go beyond the surface of the images within this space–and within VMFA itself. You might just discover there is more than meets the eye.

For related online content, visit A Closer Look, a Learn resource that reflects the past exhibition that was on view May 1, 2022–Nov 26, 2023.

Generous support for the Interactive Family Lounge was provided by The Rock Foundation and Peachtree House Foundation.