“Lavandose Por Presa”; house paint, spray paint, street papers, billboard papers, and carpenter's glue; 2016; Matthew Grimes
1)	“Call and Response / Finders Keepers”; shellac, acrylic, crayon, pencil, pastel, oil stick on ledger paper; 2016; Aimee Joyaux

Part of VMFA’s Statewide program, VMFA at Capital One: Featuring VMFA Fellowship Winners Mickael Broth, Matthew Grimes, and Aimee Joyaux, which runs November 2017-February 2018 will feature the work of three new VMFA Fellowship recipients. This is the second of the now bi-annual fellowship exhibition rotation hosted by statewide partner Capital One. The exhibition features Richmond-based artist Mickael Broth (’08-09 Fellowship Recipient), Petersburg based artist Aimee Joyaux (’17-18 Fellowship Recipient), and Arlington-based artist Matthew Grimes
(’17-18 Fellowship Recipient).

Mickael Broth won a VMFA Visual Arts Fellowship for his work in drawing in 2008. A Richmond-based artist, muralist, and writer. Broth came to Richmond in 2001 with the intention of painting graffiti as much as possible. His involvement in vandalism was halted abruptly with his arrest in 2004 and subsequent ten-month jail term for his crimes. Since that time, he has gone on to pursue an active (and mostly legal) career in the arts. He has painted murals throughout Richmond and the United States over the past decade as part of public art projects and private commissions. For more information on Mickael Broth, see his website.

Aimee Joyaux won a VMFA Visual Arts Fellowship for her drawings in 2017. Her work is grounded in a
visceral response to current events, be they personal, political, cultural, or imagined. I work in multiple
media. The creative process helps her examine contradiction and bias sometimes through formal
relationships and sometime through literal juxtapositions. By situating a personal experience within a grand narrative through language, iconography, and gestural fields of color, she engages with cultural memory to explore ideas of power and place. For more information on Aimee Joyaux, please visit her website.

Matthew Grimes won a VMFA Visual Arts Fellowship for his mixed-media work in 2017. In 2010-11, he
lived and worked in Bizen, Japan, with current Japanese National Treasure Isezaki Jun, as a short term
apprentice investigating the centuries old methods and techniques of Bizen studio ceramics. After returning to Washington, DC, he later moved to Santiago, Chile, where he began an additional studio and the seed development to his current mixed media collage. For more information on Matthew Grimes’ work, please visit his website.

Fellowship is proud to partner with statewide partner Capital One on this bi-annual exhibition, the second of its kind. VMFA at Capital One: Featuring VMFA Fellowship Winners Mickael Broth, Matthew Grimes, and Aimee Joyaux runs through February 2018. Come out to Capital One at West Creek to check out Fellowship’s partnership with Capital One!

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