Fabergé at VMFA

Explore the incredible history behind VMFA’s Fabergé and Russian Decorative Arts Collection!

The Fabergé at VMFA mobile application allows users to explore five historic pathways into the collection. Learn about Karl Fabergé and his contemporary workshop, the incredible life of Empress Maria Feoderovna, the tragic stories of Tsar Nicholas II and Empress Alexandra, the collecting habits of VMFA’s generous donor Lillian Pratt, and have fun with the Ivan and Gray Wolf Russian fairy tale. Children and adults of all ages can design their own Fabergé miniature egg, too!

The mobile application is available for free in the App Store and Google Play.


Our new Fabergé website features Mrs. Lillian Pratt’s archives, which detail her purchases of the five imperial eggs and other masterful works by Karl Fabergé’s workshop. The website also includes:

  • New video footage and 360 degree views of the eggs
  • Never before digitized documentary footage of the collection
  • Digitized rare books, including the classic fairy tale Ivan Gray
  • Links to the mobile application
  • Educational resources

Request to download a Creative Tool Kit for teachers! The “Collecting Fabergé” tool kit provides carefully selected archival material from the Lillian Pratt archives for teachers of all grade-levels to explore with their students. The kit also includes a presentation on archiving at the museum as well as lesson ideas.

Contact Kelsey Beckwith (kelsey.beckwith@vmfa.museum) for a link to download.