Interactive Exercise | SIFT<em> Progress </em>

Interactive Exercise | SIFT Progress

Why look at art? Art is one way humans communicate ideas to one another. Sifting through the information art presents takes careful and purposeful looking. With this interactive exercise, students can practice connecting to art as intentional inquirers.

Grade Level:
College, Grades 9-12
American Art, Native American Art
Subject Area:
Creative Thinking, Critical Thinking, Visual Arts
Activity Type:
Distance Learning, Engagement Activity

Interactive Exercise | SIFT Progress

At your own pace, click through the slides below to activate your creative thinking as you interpret a complex landscape painting made in the United States in 1853. You may wish to click on the “full screen” icon for the best view.

Placing Art in Context

American Land, American People

When we examine works of art, as you have just done, we are often left with many questions and curiosities.  Museum curators and art researchers take a similar approach, looking for connections when considering how to display art objects together in a gallery installation.

Click on the image of Jaune Quick-To-See Smith’s contemporary painting, War Torn Dress, to visit an installation that presents artworks, including Progress,  in pairings across time and space.  Consider how this installation adds to the lines of inquiry you’ve already opened using the SIFT technique.