Writing to Learn: Creative Comparisons

Writing to Learn: Creative Comparisons

This activity encourages metaphorical thinking and allows students to use what they already know in order to approach and understand the unfamiliar.

Grade Level:
College, Grades 3-5, Grades 6-8, Grades 9-12
Subject Area:
English, Fine Arts, Visual Arts
Activity Type:
Engagement Activity

Writing to Learn: Creative Comparisons

Creative Comparisons

Begin by inviting students to observe a work of art.  Before sharing any information about the object, ask students:

What do you see in the artwork?

Next, choose a category from the list below or identify one of your own. Ask students:

Imagine the artwork was a kind of (your choice of category) . What would it be?

Explain three ways that it compares.

Sample categories:

  • Music or song
  • Toy
  • Part of the body
  • Food
  • Place

Adapted fromArtful Thinking by Project Zero , Harvard University. Used under CC BY-NC 4.0