Writing to Learn: Sensory Inventory

Writing to Learn: Sensory Inventory

Simply describing a work of art’s appearance only tells part of the story. Use this activity to encourage more creative and reflective descriptions by students.

Grade Level:
Adult, College, Grades 3-5, Grades 6-8, Grades 9-12, Grades K-2
Subject Area:
English, Visual Arts
Activity Type:
Engagement Activity

Writing to Learn: Sensory Inventory

Sensory Inventory

Looking at any work of art, ask students to do the following:

Try incorporating all of your senses. Put yourself into the painting; think about what you might see, feel, sound, taste, or smell.

Explore the gallery and choose a work of art. Use the format below to describe a work of art using your senses:

I can almost taste the _______________ and feel the _______________, it’s as if I hear the sound of _______________ and I am reminded of the smell of _______________. Strangely enough I think of _______________ when I see _______________.