Booking Speakers on the Arts

VMFA Speakers on the Arts lectures are an excellent way to complement programming at Partner sites. They can also introduce new areas of art to Partner audiences and enhance community events and celebrations. A wide selection of topics and speakers is available for VMFA Statewide Partners. Please read the following information carefully before submitting a Program Request Form.

Fees and Costs

For each lecture, the VMFA Statewide Partner pays a $100 booking fee; a check payable to “VMFA Lectures” must be mailed to VMFA on receipt of an invoice near the date of the presentation. VMFA Statewide covers the remainder of the speakers’ fees.

Note: Driving distances can occasionally necessitate that the Partner provide overnight accommodations and meals for the speaker (artist).


To schedule a lecture, complete a Program Request Form. Lecture dates are determined in consultation with the partner, VMFA, and the speaker. Consideration is given to the partner’s previous ability to develop an audience of 50 or more for similar lectures. Please request at least three months prior to your desired date for the program and be prepared for a two-three week turnaround time before it can be confirmed.


Unless otherwise noted, all speakers are available Jul 2021 – Jun 2022.

Cancellation Policy

The lecture may be canceled by VMFA for reasons of inclement weather or speaker illness.


For the partner’s use in promoting the lecture program, images of speakers or works of art related to the lecture topic are available from VMFA Statewide representative.

Acknowledgment Requirement

In all publicity, be it electronic and/or printed materials, relating to the Speakers on the Arts program, the Partner must include the following credit line: This program has been organized by the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts and is supported, in part, by the Paul Mellon Endowment and the Jean Stafford Camp Memorial Fund.


Within five days after a lecture, the partner should provide VMFA with an evaluation of the program. Form is sent to Partner in email at time of program confirmation. Provide attendance figures and publicity arrangements, as well as any comments on the speaker’s overall presentation. Please include a sampling of related publicity, printed or online.

Checklist of Partner Responsibilities

The success of the lecture program depends on strong audience development efforts, made well in advance of the event. To ensure success, the sponsor’s initial responsibilities are to:

Develop a minimum audience of 50. Identify special-interest groups and explore collaboration with other community organizations and institutions with related interests.

Use all possible media to promote the lecture. Publicize the details of the lecture at least two weeks before the lecture date. Arrange for an appropriate lecture hall — one that can be totally darkened for PowerPoint or film presentations.

Provide the speaker and VMFA with a complete speaker’s itinerary at least two weeks before the lecture date. Email itinerary to VMFA.

Provide meals and overnight accommodations for speakers when appropriate.

Have a person introduce the speaker or artist to the audience.

Provide the following audiovisual equipment:
• Laptop computer and digital projector for PowerPoint presentations*
• One viewing screen large enough to accommodate side-by-side projected images
• Lighted lectern
• Sound system adequate for the size of the lecture hall
• Other equipment as specified by the speaker

* If PowerPoint equipment is not available, VMFA may be able to provide this equipment. Please phone 804.204.2681 to confirm availability.