How to Order Educational Exhibitions for Loan


Who May Borrow Exhibitions?
Any nonprofit organization in Virginia that is a current Statewide Partner and is able to meet the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts’ security requirements (outlined below) is eligible to borrow Educational Exhibitions for FREE.

Security Requirements:
To display these limited security educational exhibitions, the following minimum conditions must be met:

1. On arrival, the exhibition must be kept in a secure location until it is ready to be installed.
2. A responsible person must be present to supervise the handling, unpacking, and repacking of the exhibition.
3. The exhibition must be displayed indoors in an area that minimizes the possibility of theft or vandalism.
4. The display area must be securely locked when not open to the public.
5. The exhibition must not be displayed in direct sun­light.
6. The exhibition must be hung on a wall or display panel, not propped up or on easels.

Liability and Insurance:
Statewide Exhibitions are insured by the Commonwealth of Virginia, Division of Risk Management in transit and while at the venue. Borrowing organization is responsible only for the deductible of up to $250 worth of damage or loss.

Free and Open Admission Required:
No fees may be charged for viewing Statewide Exhibitions from the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts and they must be available to the general public for viewing.  For some organizations that are not normally open to the public, such as schools, there needs only be made an accomodation for a specially requested viewing of the exhibition if received from members of the public.

Publicity and Sponsor Credit:
All publicity must credit the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts as follows: This exhibition has been organized by and is circulated through the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts’ Statewide Partnership Program. Please send copies of any publicity: electronic or printed and press clippings to or the VMFA Statewide office. Our continued funding depends on such tangible evidence of our usefulness to your community.

Transporting Educational Exhibitions:
Borrowing Partners should provide their own transportation in an appropriately sized, enclosed, locked vehicle. If not, exhibitions can be sent via UPS Freight in a collect manner or using the account # of the Partner’s organization.  Borrowers must return exhibitions themselves or PREPAID via UPS Freight. Exhibitions may be picked up from and returned to the loading dock of VMFA, off Grove Ave., Monday through Friday from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm.

Loan Periods:
Educational Exhibitions are loaned for periods of 4 to 6 weeks. Longer or shorter loan periods will be considered, schedule permitting.

Make cancelations at least two business days in advance of your listed SHIPPING DATE. Cancellations may be made by calling the Statewide Partnerships Office at 804.204.2681. A borrower failing to cancel an exhibition in the stated time will be responsible for transportation costs if the exhibition has been shipped.

The Museum agrees to lend exhibitions with the explicit understanding that the borrower must display all title and information panels, even if panels of art have to be omitted because of lack of space. Works not displayed must be stored inside the crate, and the crate must be kept in a secure area. Borrowers must receive advance permission from the Statewide Partnership office to show an exhibition in more than one location. Titles of related audiovisual resources, such as DVDs available through the Statewide Educational Media Resources Program, are listed for many exhibitions.

Ordering Procedure:
Borrowers may check the availability of and reserve time slots for an exhibition by phone (804.204.2681), fax (804.204.2675) or e-mail at least two weeks in advance of the exhibition’s opening date. Your request should contain as follows:
1. The TITLE and CODE NUMBER of the exhibition.
2. These 4 dates: picking up/receiving, opening, closing, and returning. If possible, give a choice of dates.
3. Give full contact information: your name and daytime phone number and e-mail address.
5. Organization’s name and mailing address for paperwork.
6. Street address (if different) for exhibition delivery.

If mailed in, send your request to:
Educational Exhibitions Dept. of Statewide Partnerships
Virginia Museum of Fine Arts
200 N. Arthur Ashe Boulevard
Richmond, VA 23220

For further assistance, call 804.204.2681.

Confirmation Receipt
You will receive through the mail a printed goldenrod confirmation form within a week of your request. Make careful note of the information on this receipt and advise the office if you must make a change.

Paperwork You Will Receive within 24 Hours of the Exhibition Arrival:
(If you do not receive these forms call the Statewide Partnership Dept. at 804.204.2681)

Upon receipt of the exhibition use the checklist when inspecting the contents of the exhibition to note the condition of the exhibition to absolve the borrower of responsibility for loss or damage.  Any missing items or noticeable damage must be written on this checklist and then returned to VMFA in provided pre-addressed envelope. Any serious or major damage to panels, frames, or crates must be reported immediately by phone. Do not open frames or make repairs without permission from VMFA. Call 804.204.2681. Any damage or theft occurring after you have returned the checklist must be reported immediately to Statewide Partnerships Dept. by phone and in writing.

Loan Use Report
Please write in the exact or estimated attendance figures on green sheet that has been mailed to Partner near time of exhibition arrival.  Please feel free to include any comments you may have about the exhibition. Our continued funding depends on such tangible evidence of our usefulness to your community.

Returning Educational Exhibitions
Please observe the previously agreed return date.  Negligence can cause cancellation of the exhibition to the next scheduled venue. Contact VMFA Statewide at or 804.204.2681 if you anticipate difficulty returning. Often, something can be worked out.