Chapter 3: Art History of the Ancient World through Children’s Literature

Don’t miss this unique and entertaining exploration of the art and cultures of Egypt, China, Greece, and Rome through books for children and young adults. This adventure includes hands-on activities and discussions of picture books, chapter books, and nonfiction works. (All of the books recommended and examined in this workshop are newly chosen in 2011 – 2012, but the resources include selections from previous years if you haven’t booked this workshop before.)

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Chasing the Illusive Image: The Origins of Photography

Although the notion of photography goes back to at least the fifth century B.C.E. when Chinese philosopher Mo Ti described the principle of the Camera Obscura, photography as we know it today was not officially announced to the world until 1839. In this educator workshop, participants investigate the almost simultaneous development of two different systems of photography in France and in England.

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2014 Statewide Teacher Workshops

These VMFA Teacher Workshops can be held at your location or at VMFA. Full-length (2.5-hour) workshops can also be scheduled throughout the year. The cost for these sessions is $150, which provides the workshop experience for up to 35 teachers (minimum of 15). Participants receive resource packets with background information, lesson plan suggestions, vocabulary, and CDs of images.

For questions or to book a workshop beyond the Richmond metropolitan area, email or phone 804.204.2671. In the Richmond metropolitan area, email
or phone 804.204.2662.

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