Adventure Hats

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“Wearing a hat is fun; people have a good time when they’re wearing a hat” –Philip Treacy (Celebrated Milliner)

This workshop is awesome. Not your typical watch-and-repeat course, instead dive into this class and experiment. Focus on moving past the challenge of what to make, by building your way into new ideas and your own imagination. We will start constructing right away.  Beginning with blank paper, students will make a number of rapid-fire shapes considering volume with a sample of techniques: pleats, darts, woven elements, and coils. Students will choose a sample to refine and repeat, considering scale, orientation, and mood. We will build armatures, discussing fit, movement and overall construction and each student will end the day with a wild and unexpected hat. It’s hard not to love a room full of people in wild and surprising hats, and a short photo-shoot will follow to document this particular kind of magic.  We will work with paper-based materials (ideal for prototyping) but participants are welcome and encouraged to bring extra materials to experiment with (beads, yarn, plastic bits, dried plant materials, etc)