Jaclyn Kolev Brown, Artist, Photographer, Educator

Developing a Photographic Portfolio

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In this course, photographer Jaclyn Brown details the concepts and steps behind creating a well-crafted portfolio from a photographic perspective. The workshop begins with asking students about their individual goals for their portfolios. From there, the course gets into details such as defining the structure of your portfolio, looking at prime examples of successful portfolios across a variety of photographic genres, culling your images, sequencing your photographs, and choosing an ideal presentation in both digital and print. Finally, we will view students’ work and Jaclyn will offer personalized critiques for each student’s working portfolio, so they have a clear roadmap to improve their photographic skills and their body of work as a whole.


  • Maximum class size: 15 participants
  • Classes will not be held on Mondays during the school year
  • Available to High School Juniors and Seniors, college students, and adults