Jamestown and Beyond: The World of 1607

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This fascinating educational exhibition examines how the new colony in Virginia fit into the cultural, historical, and geographical context of the day — and how the story of Jamestown has continued to inspire American artists. Twelve reproductions of images from VMFA’s collection combine with explanatory text and an introductory panel to illustrate the connections between the struggling colony and the world of 1607.

At the dawn of the 17th century, exchanges of plants and animals were changing the diet of both of the world’s hemispheres. New diseases and technologies were crossing the Atlantic. Political and religious ideas and concepts were transforming societies. Economic fluctuations had worldwide effects, vast populations were relocated, and the first truly international wars were fought. These critical developments are accentuated through images as diverse as a glittering Spanish ewer and basin, portraits of Sir Thomas Dale and Queen Anne of Denmark, and the haunting image of Mount Fuji rising above the Musashino plain.

This Virginia SOL-related exhibition also reveals how the legacy of Jamestown has continued to affect art and culture in the last four hundred years through paintings by John Gadsby Chapman, Richard Norris Brooke, Thomas Hart Benton, and a sculpture by Augustus Saint-Gaudens.

Jamestown and Beyond: The World of 1607 is one of many Educational Exhibitions organized by the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts for statewide travel and is supported by Jamestown 2007. For additional information on VMFA and its statewide resources, phone 804.204.2681.

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