Looking Toward an Inner Light: Portraits from the Paul Mellon Collection

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Portraits reveal much about the history and culture of the people portrayed. They can tell us who they were, how they lived, and what they thought about themselves. This exhibition focuses on the work of eleven 19th-century French painters who worked during the first era in which photography was used as a portrait medium. The twelve photographic reproductions of paintings from the VMFA Mellon Collection offer the viewer an opportunity to explore the ways in which these artists broke with tradition by depicting real people as they existed in the contemporary world.

From Gustave Courbet’s robust, realistic painting of Gustave Chaudey, Impressionist portraits by Edgar Degas and Berthe Morisot, to Paul Cézanne’s emotionally intense portrait of Victor Chocquet and Picasso’s Jester on Horsebackfrom his Rose Period, these artists created images of real people filtered through their unique artistic styles. While this exhibition is SOL-based and perfect for K-12 students, anyone interested in 19th-century French portraiture will find this colorful range of works fascinating.

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