I Am: Identity in African Art at VMFA

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What can the visual arts tell us about an individual or community? This exhibition explores the concept of identity in traditional African art and culture by focusing on objects that speak to various roles and personal status within a society. Featuring twelve high-quality photographic reproductions of objects in VMFA’s African collection, this display exposes the union between art and life in Africa.
The images chosen for this exhibition vary in medium, size, function, geographic region, and cultural group, demonstrating the diversity that exists on the vast continent of Africa. “I Am: Identity in African Art” characterizes the expanse of VMFA’s African collection, which spans 2,000 years and represents over 100 different cultures.

This exhibition is well suited for a wide variety of audiences including K-12 students. Students and adults alike will benefit from exploring the exhibition’s objects and themes, which speak to the joys and struggles of daily life. Viewers will encounter works that deal with agriculture, environment, leadership, spirituality, and important life stages.

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Loan Period: 4 to 6 Weeks
Fee: Free

Code Number: GA-114
Framed Size: 16″ x 20″
Approx Running Feet: 19
Approx Boxed Weight: 70 lbs.