They Call It Stormy Weather: How Artists see the Weather and the Seasons

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Meteorologists aren’t the only people who watch the sky. So do artists – for ideas, subjects and inspiration. They Call It Stormy Weather explores the numerous ways in which weather and the seasons have inspired artists throughout the ages. From thunderstorms on raging seas to sunny skies above spring fields, artists have responded to weather and other natural forces through a range of media and styles.

Some of the works in this educational exhibition use weather to directly represent a mood or state. Others convey more subtly the reflection of human experience in natural forces, while some reflect the spiritual meaning that weather holds for many artists. The 15 photographic reproductions were selected from the permanent collections at the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts. A variety of artists are represented including Japanese woodblock artist, Hiroshige; Vincent Van Gogh; and contemporary American photographer, Joel Sternfeld. While this exhibition is SOL-based and perfect for K-12 students, anyone interested in the changing effects of weather or art history will find the diversity of works fascinating.

This exhibition is one of a variety of exhibitions organized by the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts for statewide travel and is supported by the Paul Mellon Fund. For additional information on VMFA and its statewide resources, phone 804.204.2681.
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