VMFA Fellowship Statewide Exhibitions Program

The Virginia Museum of Fine Art’s Level 3 Statewide Partners have the unique opportunity to host exhibitions featuring recent recipients of a VMFA Visual Arts Fellowship.  These exhibitions showcase and promote the talent of Virginia’s most gifted professional artists and art students.

Each year the most recent recipients of a VMFA Fellowship are given the option to participate in the Statewide Exhibitions Program and lend their works to VMFA Statewide Partner locations for exhibition.  All artists listed in the digital catalog are available for exhibition for approximately two years, beginning in summer 2017.

Who May Borrow a VMFA Fellowship Statewide Exhibition?

Any Virginia organization that is a current Level 3 Statewide Partner is eligible to host a VMFA Fellowship Statewide Exhibition.

How to Order a Fellowship Statewide Exhibition

Level 3 Statewide Partners interested in exhibiting works by one of the participating artists should contact the artist directly.  Please refer to the digital catalog for a list of all participating recipients of a 2016–17 or 2017–18 VMFA Fellowship, as well as an example of each artist’s work (from their original Fellowship application), a brief description of their work, and the artist’s contact information.

VMFA’s role in providing this digital catalog is to connect the artist and the Statewide Partner. If interested in hosting an exhibition, the Statewide Partner should contact the artist or artists directly. All exhibition-related communications and logistics are the sole responsibility of the partner site. VMFA waives responsibility and liability pertaining to the artist’s work and/or the exhibition organized between the artist and the Statewide Partner site. Additionally, the Fellowship artist may not charge a lending fee to any VMFA Statewide Partner.

Items to consider in hosting a Fellowship Statewide Exhibition:

  • Loan Periods: The exhibition loan period should be mutually decided upon by the partner site and artist(s).  Please note that the artists listed in the catalog are available for exhibition for up to two years beginning in the summer of 2015, but must be contacted directly to determine availability for exhibition.
  • Lender’s Agreement: A written lender’s agreement should be drafted by the Statewide Partner and signed by all participating and responsible parties. VMFA can provide the Partner site with a template of a standard lender’s agreement if requested.
  • Exhibition Content:  The images and descriptions given in the digital catalog refer to the works submitted by the artists for their original VMFA Fellowship application. Actual content of an exhibition may vary from the catalog, and the exhibition checklist should be mutually decided upon by the partner site and VMFA Fellowship artist(s).
  • Didactics: Partner site will author and display didactic information in the galleries at their discretion. The VMFA brand logo must appear on the Exhibition Title Wall.
  •  Transportation of Works: The partner site and artist(s) are responsible for transportation of all works to and from the exhibition site.
  • Publicity and Advertisement: The partner site is responsible for the publicity of an exhibition.  All publicity must post credits as follows: Virginia Museum of Fine Arts Fellowship Artist(s). For more information on the VMFA Fellowship, visit www.vmfa.museum/fellowships.
  •  Technical Assistance: In addition to providing loans of artwork and exhibitions to its Statewide Partners, VMFA also offers professional expertise to Partners upon request. Technical Assistance is available in such areas as environmental control, physical security, educational programming, fundraising, and non-profit organization. Sometimes VMFA staff can handle a particular issue through a conference call, while in other cases an on-site consultation by a VMFA team may be more effective. In every circumstance, VMFA strives to find customized solutions for the needs of each institution. By stimulating creative thinking among all concerned, we’re able to find solutions for the challenges at hand, including audience development, financial planning, and environmental control. Together, VMFA and its Partners work to prepare arts institutions around the state to face the challenges of exhibiting art and presenting educational arts programming in the 21st century. For questions regarding technical assistance, click here or contact Jeffrey Allison at 804.204.2671 or jeffrey.allison@vmfa.museum.

This group of VMFA Fellowship artists was chosen to receive a VMFA Visual Arts Fellowship in an anonymous, merit-based selection from the work submitted in their original applications. The selections were made by distinguished jurors not employed by VMFA. The content of a VMFA Fellowship Statewide Exhibition is the sole responsibility of the VMFA Statewide Partner site.


Contact Jeffrey Allison at 804.204.2671 or jeffrey.allison@vmfa.museum.