Art continues to inspire younger crowds

In December, the Teen Stylin’: Costume Couture runway exhibition showcased how young hearts are inspired, what their minds can conceive, and what their hands can build.

The exhibition was made up of 60 Metro Richmond students grades 6-12 representing 38 of the city’s and surrounding county schools.  The exhibition also allowed students from all over the state to participate in the Satellite and Statewide portion that included 18 designers grades 6-12 from 23 schools all over Virginia. The students drew their inspiration from Hollywood Costume and artworks in the museum. What they ended up creating was simply mind-blowing and the grand prize winners received a trip to the fashion capital, New York City.


To create an artwork takes a lot of creativity, patience, time, and dedication. To create a wearable work of art takes all of the previously mentioned and so, so much more. The futures of these designers are certainly bright. It would come as no surprise if one day they end up creating fashion lines for New York Fashion Week, which typically takes place this time of year.
-Vera Magdeeva, Communications Intern