Helping VMFA Build the Forbidden City: A Crowdfunding Success

Courtney Freeman explains the 3D printing process to museum visitors

Courtney Freeman explains the 3D printing process to museum visitors

My husband Frank and I first came to the United States in 1986 and worked hard at building a business that, in less than twenty years, has become a global enterprise with more than 1,600 employees around the world and thousands of uniquely designed products that meet both indoor and outdoor decorative needs of American families.

Together, we are also very involved with the Organization of Chinese Americans and deeply concerned about highlighting Chinese arts and culture here in the United States. When VMFA approached us with the idea of helping to build the Forbidden City at the museum, we were thrilled. We’re proud of our success through Evergreen and feel fortunate about the life we’ve been able to build for our family and children in Virginia- and we felt honored to be called upon to give back.
When we decided to participate in the campaign to build the Forbidden City, which we have visited many times in Beijing, our aim was to inspire others to contribute- to build a community of support for VMFA that celebrates the arrival of Forbidden City.

Since we announced our matching gift on September 29, the response has been remarkable. Frank and I couldn’t be more pleased that through your generosity our match was achieved, and we have collectively raised an unprecedented $50,000 in just two weeks!

We would like to personally thank everyone for their generous support of the campaign. And- I would encourage everyone to keep the momentum going. I applaud VMFA for raising their goal to $55,000 in this last week, until Friday at 12:00 midnight. Gifts support VMFA’s Exhibition Fund, which continually brings world class art and culture to Virginia. I know we feel strongly that this exciting museum adds much to our already vibrant city.

– Ting Xu, Evergreen Enterprises