Interactive Exercise | Explanation Game <em> Pitcher </em>

Interactive Exercise | Explanation Game Pitcher

Art objects made and used in the past can offer clues to the ideas and attitudes that may have been prevalent at the time of their creation.  Spending time to thoughtfully examine and explain their own ideas about such an object encourages students to become curious and open lines of inquiry about historical context. This interactive exercise guides students as they document their thinking about an 18th-century American artwork.

Grade Level:
Grades 6-8, Grades 9-12
American Art
Subject Area:
Creative Thinking, Critical Thinking, Fine Arts, History and Social Science, Visual Arts
Activity Type:
Distance Learning, Engagement Activity

Interactive Exercise | Explanation Game Pitcher

At your own pace, click through the slides below to activate your creative thinking as you examine an object from the VMFA’s American collection.  You may wish to click on the “full screen” icon for the best view.

Other Objects to Try

You may wish to try the Explanation Game exercise to examine other works of art in VMFA’s  American collection. What do you think of these?