Katie Wells, Founder of Interweave

Katie Wells

Founder of Interweave

Katie Wells MFA is a contemporary dance artist, embodiment teacher, professor, and founder of Interweave Conscious Movement®. Dance to her is more than glitzy entertainment, but a way of inner growth, bringing people home to the body for self-discovery and authentic expression. Katie earned an MFA from the University of Colorado at Boulder, and a BA from Columbia College Chicago, both with a major in Dance and a minor in Theatre, and is also a certified teacher in Embodiment from the Realization Process. She has directed numerous productions, and her solo performances have been seen in a European improv tour as well as with multiple symphony orchestras and musicians. Performing and teaching what she calls Conscious Dance Theatre: an art form mixing dance, theatre, and audience participation, she recently presented her one-woman show, Love Letters to Humanity, in the International Embodiment Conference.

Love Letters to Humanity Trailer Conscious Dance Theatre Link: https://interweave.love/conscious-dance-theatre/