Katie Wells, Founder of Interweave

Physical Theatre and Creation of Conscious Dance Theatre

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Students practice meaningful storytelling through movement and character development, original spoken text, and exaggerated theatrical physicality. We explore authentic feelings and humor, experimenting with the most effective mediums to illustrate the content. This class is appropriate for both actors and dancers, those drawn to creating original performance, and anyone interested in self-discovery through expression. Longer workshops and residencies become more personal, deepening into the poetics of the soul on a journey from inner reflection to artful expression.

Love Letters to Humanity
This one-woman show weaves dance and theatre to reveal both the humor and struggle on the search for inner peace. Katie’s spirited rawness traverses the realms of movement poetry and wild character play, uniquely holding satire with compassion. In a depiction of the personal and the collective, vignettes expose escapism, uncomfortable emotions, and cultural imbalances, with insights for coming back to wholeness. Love Letters to Humanity is a heightened collective experience as the audience joins in mindful breathing, rhythm making, and cheer. We are reminded that we are not alone in our darkness and inspired to move more fully into the light.