Dr. Jing Shui, Art and Cuisine Historian

Beautiful Chinese Cuisine Visual Journey

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Chinese cuisine is an important part of Chinese culture. When we are homesick, we always say that we are missing the homeland taste of food where we grew up. If we cook, we can make anywhere our home. Also, if we cook, we can have a travel experience through cuisines from different cultures. There is nothing that cannot be solved with a good meal. This class will show students many beautiful pictures and various films about the 8 major Chinese cuisines. We will see the most delicious dishes from the different Chinese provinces. Additionally, we will practice making Chinese dumplings in multiple ways and to cook and eat them if you desire. This is a visual cultural feast and an absolutely mouth-watering visual journey. All supplies are included. For high school level and above.

Traditional Eight Main Chinese Cuisines:

  • Chuan (Sichuan)
  • Yue (Guangdong)
  • Lu (Shandong)
  • Huaiyang (Jiangsu)
  • Hui (Anhui)
  • Min (Fujian)
  • Xiang (Hunan)