Dr. Jing Shui, Art and Cuisine Historian

Self-Expression through Chinese Calligraphy Art

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Chinese calligraphy as an art form is life fully experienced through the energy and motion of marks on paper, with time and rhythm in shifting space. The speed, acceleration and deceleration of the writer’s moves and turns give “spirit” to the characters by greatly influencing their final result. It requires the writer to have perfect control over the brush and wrist and to follow the yearnings of his or her heart. Students who don’t know any Chinese verbal language will learn how to appreciate the beauty of Chinese calligraphy and to explore the meaning of the calligraphic marks by themselves. Students will practice the basic techniques so that they can bring out their own “spirit” through this art form.

This workshop, through lectures, demonstrations, and hands-on practice will focus on building a better understanding and appreciation of Chinese calligraphic art. Students are encouraged to develop and practice their personal artistic expression and will be able to bring their calligraphy work back home for a precious memory of self-exploration. The class provides all supplies, and how to set up the traditional accoutrements for calligraphy work. For high school level and above.

Accoutrements for Calligraphy Work

  • Brush holder
  • Brush
  • Ink
  • Rice paper
  • Paper weight
  • Paper pad
  • Ink plate
  • Brush water
  • Seal and seal paste