Gallery Preview

Artistry and Geometry sessions may focus on art from any one of VMFA collections. To give students an idea of how objects are displayed in the museum, allow them to peek at one of these collections with this preview of the African galleries. Let them explore the space and imagine what they can find at VMFA!

African Art Gallery Preview

Meet the Educator

VMFA Distance Learning sessions are designed to be student-centered explorations.  Use this video to introduce students to the Distance Learning Educator and the kind of interaction they will have during a session.


Video: What to Expect

Take a Closer Look

Examining art with a mathematical lens can help students articulate how they see and understand spatial and numerical relationships. Students may use this interactive exercise to creatively explore a print by Josef Albers and expand their understanding of geometric concepts such as parallel lines, congruent angles, rectangular prisms and more.

Use this interactive exercise to set the stage for a Distance Learning session, or for continued engagement after a visit.

Interactive Exercise: Clay, Paper, Scissors!

Document Your Visit

Experiential learning can be an informal but valuable way for teachers to gauge student understanding of a topic under study. This tool may be used to document student ideas expressed during your museum visit or Evans Distance Learning session.

Visit Observation Tool for Teachers